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As leading manufacturer of electronic and mechatronic products, we offer you a lot of space to grow. Flexible working models with long-term stability, hands on the latest technologies as well as flat hierarchies and mutual respect create our atmosphere of common success - an extensive ecosystem for you to thrive.

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Employee benefits

Around the globe, we care for our employees and coworkers. That is why we offer more to the job.

  • Social benefits

    KOSTAL solutions think ahead. That is why we engage in various models of retirement benefits and in partnerships with respected insurance companies.

  • Flexible working hours

    KOSTAL offers a variety of working hours models, including flexitime. This makes it easier for you to balance your work and personal life.

  • Fair compensation

    Good performance is rewarded at KOSTAL. Our compensation models create a balance between company targets and your personal goals.

  • Attractive extras

    In addition to traditional employee benefits, KOSTAL offers a whole range of other benefits, discounts and experiences.

Our key factors for a successful environment for talented people.

  • Company success

    Develop yourself! Team Lead Advanced Engineering Simon had the chance to work on cutting-edge technology and gain in-depth knowledge that sets him apart as a true expert in the field. In addition, the personalized training he underwent equipped him to excel in the role of team lead.

  • Team culture

    Develop yourself! At KOSTAL we believe that we are stronger together. That is why we strive to create an enabling team culture that is based on mutual trust, respect and expertise.

  • Innovative topics and products

    Develop yourself! KOSTAL offers countless opportunities for you to step ahead in your career. Because in order to shape an inspiring environment, we think it is important to offer more than just a job, but a perspective for everyone to grow.

  • Steep learning curve

    Develop yourself! Simon’s professional field of work is still young and evolves permanently. KOSTAL enables him to always stay on top of current developments and to even gain a leading position in new technologies.