• Work, family and leisure

Work, family and leisure

You will feel at home with us

As a family-owned company now in the hands of the fourth generation, we understand the importance of the right balance between work, family and leisure. We expect performance, passion and a high level of commitment, but as a KOSTAL employee you are always part of a big family in which values like fairness, integrity and down-to-earthness are very important.

In addition to the attractive extras included in your individual contract, we offer a whole range of opportunities designed to help you achieve the right work-life balance. These range from company parties and anniversary celebrations to teambuilding activities or participating in company sports clubs (including a group of keen cyclists). Regular international football tournaments help to build our team spirit while encouraging global networking. There are also informal gatherings (known as a 'Stammtisch') for different groups (students, trainees, expats etc.) to enable people to make friends within the KOSTAL family.

Your family will feel at home with us too, because our three biggest German locations are situated in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia: a region with something for everyone, from the recreational area of the Sauerland to the Ruhrgebiet, the first region to be designated a European Capital of Culture.

As well as discovering the local area, your family can even see how and where you work. KOSTAL organises Technology for Kids days where your children have the opportunity to explore the company and take a look at your and our technical world.

Good performance is rewarded at KOSTAL, because here fairness runs in the family.

KOSTAL offers a variety of working hours models, including flexitime. This makes it easier for you to balance work and personal life.

KOSTAL takes social responsibility for its employees with various models of retirement benefits and in partnership with respected insurance companies.

Good performance is rewarded at KOSTAL. Our compensation models create a balance between company targets and your personal goals. The pay structure is based on the collective pay-scale agreement known as ERA.

In addition to traditional employee benefits, KOSTAL offers a whole range of other benefits, discounts and experiences:

  • Use of local gyms at discounted rates
  • Company health management programme, Talingo EAP, with anonymous external advice for employees and their families
  • Cafeterias
  • Employee discount programs (local and via online platform corporate benefits)